How to delete certbot issued certificate

Many of us are using Certbot to re-new our Let’s Encrypt certificate’s, and sometime you need to delete a old one for a domain that your not using anymore, if you delete the NGINX or Apache configuration file (site file) but not the settings in Certbot you will get a error when Certbot are running

How to upgrade (maintenance) Seafile server

I did find the Seafile manual regarding maintenance upgrades to be a little sloppy written, so here is a better guide how to do it. First of we need to stop Seafile. cd /opt/nohatech/seafile-server-latest ./ stop ./ stop First we need to go to our Seafile folder, and create the folder installed if your not

Memcached bug fix Seafile server 6.2.3 and 6.2.4

The Memcached bug are still there in Seafile server version 6.2.4 and it was introduced in 6.2.3, so here is a fix for it. Before your doing the changes you need to stop Seafile. cd /opt/nohatech/seafile-server-latest/ ./ stop ./ stop sudo service memcached stop Then you need to some changes in this file. nano /opt/nohatech/seafile-server-latest/runtime/seahub.conf

Trouble updating WordPress?

Hi, Do you have trouble updating WordPress? Well, it’s almost always because of the permissions on your server. I did struggle with this today, struggle maybe are the wrong word for it as I did just fix it but maybe someone out there can’t fix it because there knowledge are not so good in this